Protection and luminosity of skin

Professional illuminating and protective anti-pollution treatment. The perfect combination to protect and illuminate the skin.

Treatment at cabin


Radiance treatment recovers uniformity and luminosity of skin.

It includes in its formula polysaccharides of Tamarind and Stevia that create a protective “second skin” that defends against external aggressions and activates skin´s innate immunity system, restoring its ability to self-protect and self-repair. Eclaline ® improves skin microcirculation and skin oxygenation by providing a pink skin tone.

Radiance line helps to maintain the radiant and luminous appearance of the skin, preventing from dryness, roughness and wrinkles through a triple anti-pollution action (anti-adhesion, anti-penetration and anti-oxidation).

It stimulates the micro-circulation of skin, activates its defence mechanisms and provides immediate protection against urban pollution.

Composition of products

Radiance Cream: Illuminating cream (contains Eclarine)and protective anti-pollution (contains polysaccharides of Tamarindo and Stevia) that provides comfort to skin, as well as it improves  its uniformity. Presentation: 5.3 oz. – 150 ml tube

Radiance Mask: Moisturising and illuminating mask for all skin types. It contains Lactobionic Acid, Pentavitin, Betaine and Organic Silicon for a better hydration. Presentation: 7 oz. – 200 ml tube.

Bio Radiance:  Protective, illuminating and revitalising concentrate with a high content in Ginkgo biloba, which encourages micro-circulation and has an anti-oxidant effect. Presentation: Box of 2 U.S. fl.oz. (20 x 0.1 U.S. fl.oz.) – 60 ml (20 x 3 ml) ampoules.