Liporeducing treatment

A build-up of fat in the hypodermis adipose tissue leads to obesity and cellulite. The first only affects adipocytes but the second damages the components of conjunctive tissue or the dermis. Whereas fat can be removed by dieting, cellulite requires a local cosmetic treatment. Soft or oedematous cellulite are the most common forms caused by inadequate blood vessel or capillary circulation. It is a source of local inflammation between the waist and the knees.Hard cellulite is the evolution of the soft phase that leads to the formation of painful nodules under pressure, located mainly on the hip and the outer side of the thighs.

Treatment at cabin



  • To stimulate the elimination of fat
  • To encourage the elimination of fluids
  • To eliminate orange peel skin appearance
  • To reduce volume


  • To remove dead cells to optimise the penetration of active ingredients
  • To favour microcirculation improving nourishment of affected tissues.
  • To stimulate elimination of retained fats inside adipocytes.
  • To help to restructure damaged conjunctive tissue (Collagen and Elastin fibers).
  • To provides elasticity and firmness to skin

Composition of products

Gaiamar:  Saline mineral fossil mud with cleansing, remineralising, rebalancing and draining properties. It is recommended in case of psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, acne, scalp seborrhea, flaccidity, dark spots and cellulite.  Presentation:  106 oz.- 1700 ml bucket (3000 g).

Bio Alga: Laminaria Seaweed concentrate. Non-greasy body massage lotion of draining, lipo-reducing and anti-cellulitic action. Encourages the elimination of retained fluids and activates fat burning. Presentation: 16.9 U.S. fl. oz. – 500 ml dispensing bottle.

Perfect  Body Global Cream: Professional fusion cream for cutaneous inesthetisms of cellulite, reducing/firming. Presentation: NET WT. 17.6 oz. (1 lb. 1.6 oz.) – e 500 ml jar with dispenser.