Anti-wrinkle hydro-regenerating

Treatment with professional COLLAGEN VEIL. It is considered an authentic BIOCATALYST with multiple effects that provides immediate and long-term effects.

Treatment at cabin

It stimulates cell regeneration, normalises hydrolipidic mantle and enhances the activity of active ingredients of treatment.


Collagen veil. It acts as BIOCATALYST  of multiple effect:

  1. Immediate (surface) and long-term (in-depth) skin rehydration.
  2. Anti-ageing, firming and regenerating.
  3. Absorption and normalisation of excess sebum.
  4. Normalisation of the hydrolipidic stratum,
  5. Softens and reduces superficial irregularities of skin.
  6. Reduces irritation and redness,
  7. Enhances the activity of active ingredients used in treatment.

Composition of products

Collagen veil: Mask composed of Collagen Pure Fibers that forms a reproduction of conjunctive tissue (second skin).Presentation: Box of 5 units packed individually. It contains pattern for application.

Marina: Moisturising and soothing lotion for all skin types. Sea Mayweed remineralise and purify skin.Presentation: 16.9 U.S. fl. oz. – 500 ml  mist-spray bottle.