Equilibrates skin´s pH, absorbs skin´s excess oil and keeps the complexion shine-free.

Professional combination skins treatment. Normalises hyperactivity of sebaceous glands. Combination skin line incorporates, Laminaria saccharina extract with normalising properties of skin, equilibrates pH, moisturises dry zones, regulates excess of sebaceous flow and prevents irritations and inflammations. Mattifying microsponges that absorb excess of sebum, helping to maintain a shine-free complexion.

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Equilibrates skin´s pH, moisturises dry zones and reduces skin´s excess oil.

Combination skins treatment equilibrates skin´s pH, absorbs excess of oil and maintains complexion shine-free.

Composition of products

Balance cream: Balancing cream of skin pH. Presentation: 7 oz. – 200 ml tube

Bio Balance: Balancing concentrate. Presentation:  Box of 2 U.S. fl. oz. (20 x  0.1 U.S. fl. oz.) – 60 ml (20 x 3 ml ) ampoules.