Antioxidant and hydro-nourishing treatment

BELNATUR offers a treatment rich in antioxidant active ingredients such as Astaxanthin, Rice oil and Blueberry extract, along with the nutritional contribution of Sancha inchi, papaya juice, rich in papain, emollient oils of Jojoba, Avocado and Green Tea.

Treatment at cabin


It is important to prepare skin before starting summer session and take care of it with treatments by the end of summer.

Skin loses elasticity, it becomes dry on surface and becomes tight,  scaly and rough to the touch. To recover its condition it is necessary to moisturise it and restore hydrolipidic mantle.


  •  To moisturize and nourish skin 
  •  To restore its natural protection


  •  To eliminate dead cells
  •  Cellular regeneration
  •  Free radicals protection

Composition of products

Cranberry Scrub: Body scrub. Removes dead cells and impurities, leaving the skin soft, moisturised and nourished. Contains scrubbing particles with Cranberry extract, cane Sugar and marine Salt crystals, Hydroxyacids (citric, salicylic and malic acids), Rice bran Oil and Vitamin E. Presentation: 35.3 oz. – 800 ml (1000g) bucket.

Xanthi Oil: Nourishing, regenerating and antioxidant massage oil. With Rice Bran Oil, Astaxanthin and Vitamin E. Does not contain mineral oil. Softens the skin providing a silky and non oily after feel. Presentation: 16.9 U.S. fl. oz. – 500 ml bottle.

Amazonia Cream:Melting body cream with nourishing, antioxidant and moisturising action. It melts into the skin leaving a soft and ultra light protective film. It contains RiceBran Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, Astaxanthin, Shea Butter and Emulium® mellifera. Presentation: 17.6 oz. – 500 ml dispensing  jar. 

Sublim Gold:  Dry, nourishing and antioxidant oil with illuminating effect. It contains Rice Bran Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, Vitamin E and Mica Golden Particles.  Presentation: 1.69 U.S. fl.oz. -50 ml flask.

Sugar Papaya Scrub: Body scrub with mechanical and enzymatic action. It removes dead skin cells and impurities, moisturises and nourishes skin leaving it with a soft and silky touch. Presentation: 35.3 oz. – 800 ml bucket. (1000 g).

Sedaderm Colágeno: Intensive moisturising body milk containing marine origin Collagen. Collagen is essential for keeping skin in its optimum state of hydration and flexibility. Allows to regenerate skin damaged by the sun or the passage of time, leaving it flexible, hydrated and soft. Presentation: 17.6 oz. – 500 ml dispensing bottle.

Re-Vital  A+E:  Multivitamin concentrate indicated for skin that is fine, wrinkled, very dry, keratinised, rough or with skin marks. Re-vital A+E activates the natural regeneration of epithelial cells. Presentation: Box of 2 U.S. fl. oz. (20 x 0.1 U.S. fl. oz.) – 60 ml (20 x 3 ml) ampoules.