Facial care


Facial care

BELNATUR SECRET ensures the integrity of the skin’s protective structures and slows down the degeneration of skin cells. It redensifies, improves elasticity, fills wrinkles and attenuates the appearance of dark spots.

Facial care

Gravity manages to mitigate the effects of gravity by providing the skin with a greater resistance to flaccidity and delaying its ageing. The facial contour lifts up and complexion recovers its support looking more toned, vital and luminous.

Facial care

GLYCOLINE line provides the most updated and effective actives for CELL RENEWAL and LARGE PORES.

Facial care

PUR-SKIN rebalances and regulates excessive sebaceous secretion and restores the hygienic conditions of the skin, respecting its natural ecosystem.

Facial care

RADIANCE, stimulates microcirculation of skin promoting its oxygenation, nutrition and renewal. It helps to maintain the radiant and luminous appearance of skin, decreases its reactivity and sensitivity and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and spots caused by the exposure to pollutants and the sun.

Facial care
Natural White

NATURAL WHITE blocks processes involved in the formation of dark spots on the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, resulting in a younger-looking skin.

Facial care

Vitamins are essential for the balance of the skin. RE-VITAL provides  vitamins that skin needs (A+B5+C+E). For regeneration and restructuring for thin, aged and wrinkled skin.

Facial care

Natural antioxidant protection and cellular activity decrease with age. Constant aggressions due to climatic changes, environmental pollutants and the rhythm of urban life, generate a stress that weakens the skin and accelerates the appearance of signs of ageing.

VIVRECEL (second generation with stem cells), helps the skin to counteract aggressions, for a more protected and vital skin.

Facial care

It increases the consumption of oxygen by skin cells and favours their transport and diffusion.

Skin cells need oxygen to produce energy and maintain their integrity and vital functions. Their natural ability to capture oxygen is affected by stressful situations as well as pollution and other environmental aggressions.

Facial care

With age, the most obvious first signs of skin ageing appear: wrinkles, expression lines, lack of vitality and natural nutrients, as well as spots typical of mature skins. PRIVILÈGE, fights the signs of ageing thanks to a luxurious beauty cocktail that combines the most exquisite ingredients:

MOTHER-OF-PEARL: a contribution of youth. WHITE ORCHID: a more lively image. CHAMPAGNE: sublime protection. And RUBY: a renewed skin.

Facial care

Skin is the largest organ of our body in which essential functions are carried out for the maintenance of life.

Skin care is essential to keep it healthy and in perfect conditions.

ESSENTIAL, guarantees the high quality and efficacy offered by formulas created with  latest advances in cosmetics.

Facial care

FACIAL CLEANSING:  BELNATUR cleansers provide a daily vitalising support to complexion, moisturising and softening it. 


With scents totally natural that tone, moisturise and soften complexi

Facial care

Belnatur solar line has been developed with the latest technical-scientific advances for the care and protection of skin in tanning:

-Thermus thermophillus (is activated by heat and light protecting damages caused by UV radiation).

-Sweet orange flavonoids (increase melanin production).

-Vitamin E (prevents deterioration of skin cells).

-Vitamin B5 (prevents irritation and solar erythema).